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something done or occurring more than once, particularly over and over.
long terminal r's identical nucleotide sequences occurring at each end of a proviral genome or a transposon and believed to be essential for integration of the molecule into host DNA.
tandem repeat appearance of two or more identicle segments close to each other within a strand of DNA.


something done or occurring more than once, particularly over and over.


(rep.) (rē-pēt')
Prescription directions for the pharmacist.
[L. repetatur, let it be repeated]

Patient discussion about repeat

Q. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for? I read the previous question about the early autism symptoms of a child. It is very beneficial. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for?

A. It depends upon your child’s health. Repetitive symptoms will vary from child to child but they will begin to show up at a very young age. Look for things such as stacking of items or lining items up compulsively. They may also have repetitive body movements such as hand flapping or body rocking. In some cases, the child may even injure themselves on a regular basis such as by biting their skin. As with most things, each individual child will display repetitive symptoms in their own way.

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The investigators used unpaired t-tests for between-group comparisons of NCBRF scores for conduct, anxiety, hyperactivity, and overly sensitive behaviors, and Spearman's correlations to determine the relationship within the autism group between mood/behavior problems, autism symptoms, and repetitive behavior subtypes.
The suppliers interviewed for this article agree that time spent in highly repetitive safety training could nearly be eliminated through industrywide safety training, thus saving an enormous number of man hours.
W is producing poles on a routine and repetitive basis for purposes of the simplified methods, because the poles are mass-produced.
The average days away from work are 30 for repetitive stress injuries, whereas the average for fractures is 29, and amputations, 26.
But the college disagreed with criticism of repetitive course and withdrawal practices, saying it already enforces a longstanding repetitive course policy.
California employers are covered by the Cal/OSHA Repetitive Motion Injury Standard, which is triggered when two injuries occur that are attributed to repetitive motion hazards.
Looking forward, what network managers need is a new metric to measure the undiscovered additional capacity they already have in their networks that is currently being wasted by repetitive data.
This amendment requires new repetitive inspections for cracking of the fuselage skin adjacent to the drag splice fitting.
We all have repetitive needs, but there are few places where a black man can go, feel comfortable, and get the attention and quality service that his money demands," says Fred.
Consequently, the measurement of repetitive, short transition-duration ([less than]100 ps) voltage steps is now possible for determining the waveform parameters of precision step generators.
Businesses that invest in prevention of repetitive motion/cumulative trauma injuries are less likely to have high rates of these injuries than those without specific lost-time budgets.
The rule would require companies to establish ergonomics programs to address repetitive motion injuries.