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A reference book which lists homeopathic symptoms and the remedies used to treat them. Because the details on the modalities, locations and sensations associated with the symptoms may be exhaustive, repertories are typically very large.


n in homeopathy, an extensive reference book or com-puter program that lists and cross-references precise symptoms and remedies for those symptoms.
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Nonetheless, Shenandoah Shakespeare Express' productions of both plays, replete with repertorial "ghosts," raises provocative questions that are both scholarly and performative, intrinsically linked.
In the case in question, the activities of Enlightened women for the introduction of new models in Portugal in the second half of the eighteenth century can be seen as a cultural action (the adjective 'cultural' is not included in the dictionaries mentioned above but the noun was understood as 'instruction' by Moraes Silva, replacing Bluteau's concept of 'cultivation of belles-lettres', a term that better defines the repertorial group of the time we are referring to.
In the case of "The Conquest of the West Indies" (1601), the idiosyncrasy of its title provides an unexpected clue to its subject matter, which thus suggests a new repertorial context.
One can also argue with the editors' identification of repertorial "clusters" within the manuscript (p.
The two main types of canons are repertorial and disciplinary.
The meaning of "interculturality" seems clear enough: the essays span an admirably broad repertorial range engaging Spanish, Czech, Russian, German, French, and Italian opera.
Peter Burkholder ("Johannes Martini and the Imitation Mass of the Late Fifteenth Century," Journal of the American Musicological Society 38 [1985]: 470-523) and the late Adelyn Peck Leverett ("A Paleographical and Repertorial Study of the Manuscript Trento, Castello del Buonconsiglio, 91 (1378)" [Ph.
Finally, three repertorial analyses contrast with the examinations of individual compositions.
Because liturgical and repertorial evidence suggests that the schola began with chants assigned to Advent, he terms this undertaking the Advent Project.

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