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NIHspeak The closeness of agreement between test results obtained within a single lab when the procedure is performed on the same substance under identical conditions in a given time period. See Reproducibility.


1. the ability to get similar results at a series of examinations.
2. in genetics a measure of the extent to which an animal's superiority (or inferiority), based on an initial measurement, will be seen in future measurements. Denoted by R.
3. in diagnostic tests, the ability of the test to give consistent results in repeated measurements. See also precision.

Patient discussion about repeatability

Q. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for? I read the previous question about the early autism symptoms of a child. It is very beneficial. Now my question is: what kind of repetitive symptoms should I look for?

A. It depends upon your child’s health. Repetitive symptoms will vary from child to child but they will begin to show up at a very young age. Look for things such as stacking of items or lining items up compulsively. They may also have repetitive body movements such as hand flapping or body rocking. In some cases, the child may even injure themselves on a regular basis such as by biting their skin. As with most things, each individual child will display repetitive symptoms in their own way.

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However, the portion of the radial error which is due to repeatability must be tolerated without recourse.
The graphical investigation of data using the k-statistic and the h-statistic shows that they are reasonable to quantify repeatability and reproducibility standard deviations in PTMG measurements.
These errors apply to accuracy and repeatability, and are fixed over the entire DP range
A great deal of analysis, including the work of the Motorola Six Sigma quality program, among others, has led to Six Sigma becoming accepted throughout manufacturing as the gold standard for repeatability.
Equally important, repeatability of the casting process has improved significantly.
This new form factor opens portable, handheld, avionic and other space and weight constrained applications to the high reliability, repeatability and rugged designs of Hypertronics.
Repeatability is [+ or -] 1 percent of actual flow, and accuracy is [+ or -] 2 percent of actual flow.
A sharp peak in power, excessive power draw in relation to maximum generator power, or erratic power draw over the weld cycle negatively influences the strength, reli ability, and repeatability of the weld.
To improve precision and repeatability when engraving these features, the leading tire mold manufacturer designed and built several special CNC machines that incorporate high speed electric spindle systems.
Developed for blasting applications that demand the greatest precision and repeatability, the motion control system makes the machine more flexible than the firm's PLC-driven models.
AutoFarm RighTrac offers farmers an advanced GPS steering product featuring three-inch accuracy and repeatability at the price of $16,500.