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The petitioner's counsel submitted the government was denying access to families and lawyers of the repatriated detainees and it was a violation of their fundamental rights.
The National News Agency reported that the body belonged to 48-year-old Hanna Karam and the repatriated woman was identified as 65-year-old Khatoum Tanios Hanna.
The Royal Marine, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, was the first serviceman to be repatriated to the airbase since flights resumed on September 1.
The total number of persons who have crossed the Tunisian-Libyan borders from January 20 to March 24 reached 183,480 persons, 160,433 of whom crossed the border point of Ras Jedir and 117,393 were repatriated.
In the same period, the private sectors repatriated US$6.
He said the Afghan refugees that voluntarily want to be repatriated to Afghanistan can come to their office along with their family members they should have their identity cards and two copies of photos.
Each EU member state has the ability, based on an EU directive, to decide the amount of VAT that will be imposed when antiquities are repatriated," she said, adding that Cyprus could reduce the VAT percentage if it so desired, to five per cent, which is the minimum amount allowed.
If it takes too long a time, some people will die'' without seeing their kin repatriated.
THE bodies of three British soldiers killed in a "friendly fire" incident in southern Afghanistan have been repatriated to the UK.
multinational corporations repatriated billions of dollars in earnings from foreign subsidiaries to the U.
Many believe and have believed for years that not every American held by the enemy was repatriated after the Vietnam War," said National Legislative Director Joseph A.