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n a payment made by a tenant to an owner for the use of land or a building.
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Mary Presbyterian Church now, and I rented it from the trustees.
Too near his goal to resume the idea of emigrating, he returned to his native moors, rented another farm, and married Jean Armour, one of the several heroines of his love-poems.
He had a little estate of about L300 a year of his own, and rented another estate of near the same value.
Back of the association hall was a smaller room rented by the club.
Ten years before, the old man had rented three hundred acres from the lady who owned them, and a year ago he had bought them and rented another three hundred from a neighboring landowner.
But here stood two horses, head-tossing and restless, shouting in every high-light glint of their satin, golden-sorrel coats that they had never been rented out in all their glorious young lives.
Matters were in this state when Lady Wetherby, who, having danced classical dances for three months without a break, required a rest, shifted her camp to the house which she had rented for the summer at Brookport, Long Island, taking with her Algie, her husband, the monkey Eustace, and Claire and Mr Pickering, her guests.
It was a pleasant and romantic place, the estate which Lady Wetherby had rented.
The recharacterization rule does not apply to (1) property rented incidental to a development activity or (2) rent payments pursuant to a written binding contract entered into before Feb.
The average apartment rented for $865 a month in 1995.
The RGB study accounts for that jump in part by indicating owners rented more vacant units and collected more of the rents they were entitled to receive.
12) Various local studies on landholding covering the period from the 1820s to the 1850s suggest that a quarter to a half of the farming population rented their land.