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n a payment made by a tenant to an owner for the use of land or a building.
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Better Homes, one of Dubai's biggest property agents, gives a two-month rent-free period in Shorooq Mirdif, a family-oriented project, where rents for a one-bedroom start from Dh40,000 per year.
With rent-free periods of two to three years now typical on a ten year lease, in reality landlords are discounting their headline rents by 20 per cent plus.
To describe this arrangement as my brother living rent-free is a total distortion," she said.
Reggie "Presidental Pardon" Bush, all set to lease a pontoon outside of N'Orleans with a rent-free dingy for mom and pop, or willing to listen to his new Re/Max advisor?
Beneficiary's use of trust property: A special needs trust can also permit a beneficiary to use real or personal trust property rent-free.
After locating a small storefront unit in the heart of Philadelphia and receiving two months rent-free from the owner, the two opened Art Noir.
Now, Becca's Closet has a rent-free storefront and warehouse in the marketplace.
A decedent's house was empty for two months after the date of death and before the daughter moved in rent-free.
But the couple, who have become notorious for moaning about their financial difficulties, have been staying in it rent-free since 1978.
Juan's got some rent-scam going that allows him to stay in a given place rent-free for months at a time.
Superintendent (and former kindergarten teacher) Larry Aceves says that the central office, a converted warehouse, serves as a rent-free training center for Head Start, which is opening up its programs to all children as part of the grant.
A charter elementary in a rent-free school typically pays the district 3 percent of its revenues-$125 to $180 per student--to cover administrative and building costs.