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The initial diagnostic test for renal colic in pregnancy is usually ultrasound.
We have found that majority of the patients suffering from renal colic during this time is labourers or outdoor workers, who might not be having knowledge of this problem before hand.
Bhat, GP at the ER in the NMC Specialty Hospital, sees approximately 15 cases of renal colic a day during Ramadan.
Mr Gray was suffering pain caused by renal colic and kidney stones.
Medical therapy prevents recurrence, is efficacious, avoids renal colic, reduces the need for surgery, may correct extra-renal manifestations of systemic disease, and is cost effective.
5% of patients older than 65 years who were referred for renal colic imaging were diagnosed with aortic dissection, but that study has never been replicated, Dr.
She called the out-of-hours service when suffering severe pain from renal colic and took painkillers belonging to her daughter when they didn't call back.
His past medical history included several bouts of renal colic due to uric acid nephrolithiasis.
She said Dr Becker, also of Mill Road, had diagnosed renal colic from a kidney stone.
4, 5) Moreover, peri-renal edema and tissue stranding were reported in up to 65% of renal colic imagings due to obstructing stones.