remote viewing

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remote viewing,

n a term used to describe the anomalous cognition that allows a subject (the ‘receiver’) to obtain information about a distant target object or image to which the subject and the researcher are blinded. See also anomalous cognition.
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The accurate system offers HD video recording, remote viewing and push messages when motion is detected via a free app.
camera with optical fiber cable inter-connectivity and central Internet connectivity with HQ at Panchkula for remote viewing at market yard complexes including Operations maintenance for 5 Years Complete (36 No.
DISH Anywhere is used when connected to the Internet for remote viewing of live TV programs or recorded events and is available on most Internet-connected devices including iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets.
The new capabilities include remote assistance and remote viewing capabilities.
Whether through a laptop computer or a cellular phone, this remote viewing option affords property owners with the piece of mind that comes with knowing their prized possession are protected all-day, everyday by the world's most cutting edge security technology.
The most recognized line of Remote Viewing products in the world which feature two of the most distinguished original Military Intelligence Officers in the Army's Remote Viewing Program; Major Dames & Paul Smith.
new wireless option allows convenient remote viewing during inspection, multiple viewers, and the collection of easement inspection video directly into data collection software.
PSI SPIES; THE TRUE STORY OF AMERICA'S PSYCHIC WARFARE PROGRAM provides a gripping account of military psychic soldiers--the Army's formerly top-secret remote viewing unit which has been used as a tool and a weapon.
What is not generally known is that the Russians during the height of the Cold War tried to develop a remote viewing program.
The DVR4-Pro-Net Combo Kit includes the DVR4-Pro-Net with remote viewing, 8.
Paul Smith's effort, while heroic, provides us with some very tantalizing and interesting insights into some profoundly personal viewpoints of his 7-year journey through the United States Army's now-declassified Remote Viewing Collection Program called Star Gate.

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