off-site transcription

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off-site tran·scrip·tion

(awf'sīt tran-skrip'shŭn)
System in which medical transcription is done outside of the health care facility; a satellite facility, home-based transcription, or a medical transcription service may be used.
Synonym(s): remote transcription.
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The transcription module allows remote transcription with a single phone line via numerous pre-defined and flexible formats enabling the dictating physician or nurse to electronically correct and sign transcription documents prior to printing.
net with remote transcription, which will improve turnaround times for off-site transcriptionists.
With this system-wide agreement in place, SoftMed Systems will equip Catholic Healthcare Partners with integrated solutions to provide remote transcription, coding and electronic signature capabilities to more than 30 facilities.
MediScribe is easy to use and offers customers many time-saving features, such as remote transcription and the popular ShortCut(R) word expander.
HTI's MediScribe transcription solution, because of its strength in supporting remote transcription, its proven ability to interface with multiple HIS, RIS, and dictation systems, its flexibility in document distribution, and HTI's focus on HIPAA standards, will help the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System to increase productivity and to improve turn-around time of critical patient information.
transcription, supports remote transcription and communicates
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