remittance advice

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re·mit·tance ad·vice

(RA) (rē-mit'ăns ad-vīs')
Documentation describing payment and adjustments to the health care service provider; also called explanation of benefits (EOB).
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The largest declines in the volume of manual transactions were for claim submission (-15%), claim payments (-15%), and remittance advice (-16%).
It also enables health plans to comply with the Accountable Care Act mandate to use electronic remittance advice and funds transfer by Jan 1, 2014.
Nearly 96 Percent of Providers Want the Option of Electronic Claim Settlement, Yet the Majority Still Receive Paper Checks and Paper Remittance Advices
Capario's revenue cycle management portal enables real-time, electronic eligibility verification, claim submission and electronic remittance advice.
The claim settlement solution, PaySpan(R) Health, not only moves claims payment from paper to Electronic Funds Transfer but seamlessly links each payment to an Electronic Remittance Advice, giving healthcare insurance plans and their providers an effective means to reduce costs, errors and administrative burden.
net, the leading communications and information aggregating service for the retail pharmacy industry, announced an agreement to provide electronic remittance advice (ERA) and electronic funds transfer (EFT) processing to all pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers using the ChainDrugStore.
Claimsnet currently provides end-to-end connectivity for providers, provider service organizations, and payers for electronic claim and remittance advice transactions.
Payerpath Remittance Posting enables physician practices to improve the payment process by eliminating manual remittance advice handling.
The State is mandating that all healthcare providers accept electronic payments and remittance advice by December 15, 2009 or pay penalties.
Other features include electronic EOBs and claims remittance advice, HIPAA-compliant transactions and code sets, online CPT-4 and ICD-9 guides, and standardized error responses.
The Company's flagship solution, PaySpan Health, is ideal for payers and providers that want to transition to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) services.