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v the replacement of depleted mineral content of bones and teeth. It is a naturally occurring process by the minerals contained in saliva. It may be promoted by certain dental treatments in the dental office and by the patient at home.
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Fluoride also helps remineralise the outer surface that breaks down due to acid.
It's not the same as natural water from a natural source because it is an energy-intensive process to purify and remineralise this water.
Frances Downey, a PhD student at King's College, London, where the technique is being developed, said: "The earlier you spot decay the better as you can remineralise the area.
Professor Sally Marshall, who is leading the research at the University of California at San Francisco, said: "What we're hoping to have happen is to catch decaying teeth early and remineralise them.
remineralise and rejuvenate than by luxuriating in the depths of a warm bath, brimming with freshly gathered seaweed from the natural wilds of Donegal's finest beaches.
The 'ocean' pool and its minerals help to remineralise, detoxicate, hydrate and give a feeling of general wellbeing.
WE HAVE had whitening toothpastes, brightening toothpastes now Macleans want to remineralise and detox our pearly whites.
Remineralise is said to clean teeth and restore their enamel by rebuilding the essential barrier that protects teeth from acid.
MACLEANS promises to bring a new era in dental care with its new Detox and Remineralise range.
However, GSK has not been resting on its laurels and recently introduced a 'health and beauty' range of Macleans products under the Detox and Remineralise banners.
The ingredients are vitamins and mineral salts to deeply nourish; spinach, artichoke and beet for a toning and `eutrophic' action; pumpkin and tomato extracts to help remineralise tissue, with anti-oxidant effect; rice protein for skin softening; basil oil to tone and stimulate; peppermint oil which is a refreshing decongestant.