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relicensure (rē´lī´sənshər),

n being licensed to practice for a specific period with the license either being renewed at the end of that period or being forfeited. In some instances, evidence of continued competency must be submitted.
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However, few courses are offered and state relicensure concentrate on general numerical requirements do not ensure practitioner exposure to programs that would assist in the care for individuals with special needs.
Reynolds noted that certain state medical licensure boards including those for Arkansas and Pennsylvania have incorporated destigmatizing language into relicensure exams.
Reynolds noted that certain state medical licensure boards, including those for Arkansas and Pennsylvania, have incorporated destigmatizing language into relicensure exams.
The NCEA Commission on Accreditation (COA) was formed to facilitate and supervise the continuing education requirements of the skin care professional for recertification and/or relicensure.
3983 Relicensure Of Closed Rural Hospitals/Free Clinics M.
Relicensure requirements for practicing teachers should be aligned with improved initial licensure requirements.
The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy & Mental Health Counseling requires that a two-hour domestic violence course be completed every third biennial for relicensure.
The unit managers agreed that Botswana's Nursing and Midwifery Council should institute mandatory annual CPR relicensure, but sufficient training facilities offering such training need to established.
Unfortunately, a fundamental geriatric knowledge base has not been made mandatory or acknowledged for relicensure in any state.
For example, the Nevada State Board of Nursing will no longer notify those up for relicensure to reapply unless fingerprints are needed from what I recently learned.
Relicensure requirements in Montana now include 24 contact hours of CNE each licensure period.
In January 2010, a mail survey was sent to all Vermont Licensed Practical Nurses with their relicensure material.