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1. To loosen; to slacken.
2. To cause a movement of the bowels.
[L. re-laxo, to loosen]


Etymology: L, relaxare, to ease
to reduce tension or anxiety.


[L. relaxare, to loosen]
To decrease tension or intensity; to be rid of strain, anxiety, and nervousness.

Patient discussion about relax

Q. I become quite normal when relaxed but I am not able to do so. I don’t know how to make myself happy? I am a normal person but some of my action due to continuous stress is making me to think as If I am a lunatic. I cannot tolerate the stress and it makes me to drink a lot of alcohol. This takes a lot of energy out of me and I eat heavily. My love for snacks and grilled chicken has increased now and I feel satisfied when I eat them and I feel relaxed too. Sometimes I tend to tear everything near to me and run away. I become quite normal when relaxed but I am not able to do so. I don’t know what to do and how to make myself happy.

A. The stress must be controlled or else it will ruin your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You are eating a lot of junks and alcohol and this will pile up the problem. You must meet a doctor but try my tips before that. Try to go for meditation classes. Go for some sports or exercise. Have a very good sleep as it’s a big buster. Limit on any drugs if you are taking. Think what makes you stressed up. Find a way to solve it. Talk to someone if you cannot find a solution. If no one can suggest you better then meet a doctor for the help.

Q. I need to know how to get rid of stress, can someone help? because either i am stressing about a project or something about school or im just stressed about life in general. Please help me and no negative comments.

A. 1.Take a deep breath. This is your first, most immediate defense against stress. If you can get in the habit of pausing and taking a nice, deep breath every time you feel stress beginning to take hold, you'll have won half the battle just by preventing it from taking over.
2.Communicate. Whether you talk to a friend or talk to your cat, getting it off your chest will help a lot. If you don't feel like talking about it, write it down. Keep a journal and write down whatever it is that's bothering you. Writing is a therapy of its own.
3.Laugh. Rediscover your sense of humor by making fun of your situation. View it from your future self's perspective, telling this story to a bunch of your friends over pizza and soda. Crack some jokes. Do your goofiest impression. Tickle a child that you love. Laughter, whether it's yours or someone else's, is the best medicine--and it's contagious!
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Q. Is “domestic violence” can be considered a medical issue? Is it curable? My partner is showing scary signs of violence…can it be treated with some sort of medication?

A. you can also tyr to get him into an anger management class,that might also help both of you.

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Interest in chemical-free hair, a desire for healthy hair and new methods of achieving straight hair styles are rendering relaxers unnecessary for many consumers.
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Mintel's research estimates the relaxer segment will reach $152 million this year, down from $206 million in 2008 and $179 million in 2011.
The company researched and developed a relaxer process that significantly reduces the chance of error and overprocessing, which was added to both the Dark & Lovely and Excelle relaxers.
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Marketers say the dips in sales of relaxers in particular are due to the growing number of African-American women who are getting away from the straightened hair styles preferred in the past in favor of more natural styles.
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Finatoys Ltd was fined pounds 2,000 with pounds 3,959 costs after its managing director Frederick Townsend admitted breaching the Furniture and Fire Regulations by providing foam for garden relaxers that failed fire tests.
We tossed out the chemical relaxers and straightening combs in a push to free ourselves of the conventions we'd grown up with.
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