relative viscosity

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rel·a·tive vis·cos·i·ty

the ratio of the viscosity of a solution or dispersion to the viscosity of the solvent or continuous phase.
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Viscous encapsulation is the tendency of a material with a lower viscosity to encapsulate a material with a higher relative viscosity [13, 14].
The relative viscosity of the bitumen was determined, using a viscometer and a penetrometer according to the standard procedures.
If any measure of MW is provided, it usually comes in the form of a value known as relative viscosity.
The ratio of core to skin depends on the relative viscosity of the materials as well as on part geometry.
Comparison of results obtained using different geometric parameters of rotational viscometer with coaxial cylinders indicated that geometric parameters of the viscometer affect the results on rheological properties of the cement paste that can be directly and quantitatively compared not by the plastic viscosity but by the relative viscosity of the plastic (Lapasin et al.
In the same frequency sweep at 80[degrees]C, [eta]* was determined for different DA 201 concentrations, and a graph with relative viscosity values was generated in relation to the values of the compound without the process improver (figure 9).
Specific viscosity in turn derives from relative viscosity, of a solution to the solvent.
In capillary viscometer measurements, the relative viscosity (dimensionless) is the ratio of the flow time for the solution (t) to the flow time for the solvent ([t.
The Einstein equation for the relative viscosity of dispersions, (12), (13) [[eta].
The relative viscosity data obtained from capillary viscosity measurements were converted to reduced viscosities, which were then plotted as a function of polymer concentration according to the Huggins equation (Huggins, 1942):
9, the relative viscosity is shown for all the tests performed.
Newer testers titrate fountain solution into the ink and measure the relative viscosity of the ink and look for changes.