coefficient of relationship

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co·ef·fi·cient of re·la·tion·ship

the probability that a gene present in one mate is also present in the other and is derived from the same source.
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In turn, we argue that the higher the degree of relatedness in the firm's product diversification, the greater the incentives to enter into markets where both political risk and potential returns may be higher.
24) However, this particular study is the first to compare levels of competence, autonomy, and relatedness in those who have been home educated compared to those who have been educated through the traditional school system.
Mean pairwise relatedness values were significantly lower in the wild collection than in the cultured year-classes of geoducks (Fig.
The relatedness dimension had often been deemed unimportant due to early research in SDT, which focused on intrinsic motivation.
Hence, devoting attention and emphasis on six subscales of wellbeing including autonomy, personal growth, mastery over the environment, positive relatedness, purpose in life and self-acceptance is of great importance.
Given the contradictory evidence, we still do not adequately know the level of relatedness that maximizes the stock market response to a joint venture's announcement.
They have been demonstrated to shape cultural models, which are constituted by the manifestations of the two universal human needs of autonomy and relatedness (Kagitgibasi, 2007; Keller, 2011).
Although the self-determination theory also involves the perception of competence it includes perceptions of autonomy and social relatedness as additional elements.
Adolescent peer pressure played a large role in their responses to the relatedness construct.
Finally, relatedness refers to a sense of belonging, being connected to others and nurtured by them.
The Second Circuit appears to hold that both vertical and horizontal relatedness must be proven to show a RICO pattern.
We used trapping, radiotelemetry, and genetic analysis of microsatellite variation to investigate spatial organization and its relationship with genetic relatedness in island spotted skunks on Santa Cruz Island.