reintubation (rē´intoobā´shən),

n intubation performed a second time.
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A spontaneous pneumothorax and respiratory failure developed that required reintubation on day 31.
The secondary end points included long-term MACCEs, stroke, angina, MI, repeat revascularization and in-hospital death, cost and major complication such as stroke, multiorgan failure, reintubation, and renal failure.
An single-factor analysis10 suggested that premature infants, low body weight, mechanical ventilation time, primary pulmonary diseases, reintubation and with or without use of large-dose gamma globulin was associated to ventilator-associated pneumonia.
2012) Use of noninvasive ventilation for pediatric patients after liver transplantation: decrease in the need for reintubation.
Reintubation after self-extubation is associated with longer mechanical ventilation and ICU stays.
For the retrograde group, major complications included hemorrhage requiring transfusion (n=2), peritonitis requiring surgical intervention (n=1), aspiration (n=2), and respiratory distress requiring reintubation immediately following tube placement (n=1).
The aim of this study was to compare the effect of HFNC and NCPAP in post-extubation of preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) after surfactant administration via INSURE method on the rate of reintubation, duration of oxygen therapy, hospitalization, BPD, IVH, ROP, and mortality in an inborn neonatal intensive care center.
Three endotracheal tubes and TA samples were obtained from a single subject at different moments due to reintubation.
Patients who experienced delirium have increased rates of reintubation and mortality as well as higher hospital care costs (Schofield et al.
In a large single-centred, randomised controlled trial from Italy, patients who received a nurse- and physiotherapist-lead weaning and extubation protocol had a significantly lower reintubation rate after extubation than those managed solely according to the physician's judgement.