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n the reimplantation and splinting of a tooth into the alveolus after dental trauma, such as avulsion, or following removal of the tooth. It is performed to prevent permanent tooth loss and to restore the dentition so the patient can speak and eat normally.
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With this objective and thanks to the work of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights , together with various public, private and civil society collaborators, the Public Policy of Social Reinsertion 2017 was created.
Secondly one chest x ray was done before removal and one after removal of chest tube within 24 hours and compared whether there was a significant pneumothorax or not and hence whether there was a need of reinsertion of chest tube or not.
As a result of this overwhelming situation, in 2011, the government of Chihuahua started to create a strategy based on six guiding principles, including the elimination of self-governance, design of infrastructure, acquisition of technology, standardization of processes and procedures, training of security staff and social reinsertion.
SA, d'un capital de 150 MDT totalement detenu par l'Etat et d'une duree de vie de seulement 12 ans, cette nouvelle societe qui ne deviendra officielle qu'apres adoption de la LFC par la Constituante, aura pour tache de racheter les credits accroches aupres des banques et des societes de recouvrement et de restructuration des entreprises endettees, dans le but de renforcer leur rentabilite et leur reinsertion dans l'economie', selon le texte de la LFC.
In addition, both Renamo and the government agreed that the observers should monitor the entire process of the cessation of hostilities, and of the social and economic reinsertion of demobilized Renamo fighters.
The fund's board of directors have voted to support six non-profits, including Acta Vista's reinsertion programme in France, which trains 'professionally excluded' people to obtain a diploma and become qualified masons specialised in historic buildings.
This suspension, just like the reinsertion of the quotas on the market, will be progressive.
William Deng Deng, the chairperson of the national DDR commission highlighted the importance of the reinsertion project saying the DDR programme in South Sudan is not only about disarmament and demobilization, its contributes to the security sector transformation through provision of services such as education and health care in the community.
Consideree comme une etape capitale du processus de reinsertion des ex-detenus, l'assistance post-carcerale apporte une aide precieuse a ces personnes dans leurs efforts d'insertion dans la vie familiale et socioprofessionnelle et d'integration dans la demarche de developpement global du Maroc.
Les rebelles de la coalition Seleka ont pris les armes depuis dix jours et se sont empare de plusieurs villes du nord de la Centrafrique pour revendiquer notamment "le respect" de differents accords de paix signes entre 2007 et 2011, prevoyant un processus de desarmement et de reinsertion des ex-combattants.
tree follows a sophisticated node split technique called forced reinsertion.
The fluid is then contained within the absorbent ring, keeping the endoscope clear upon trocar reinsertion, thus helping to provide optimal views of the surgical field.