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tr.v. rein·forced, rein·forcing, rein·forces
a. To reward (an experimental subject, for example) with a reinforcer subsequent to a desired response or performance.
b. To encourage (a response) by means of a reinforcer.

re′in·force′a·ble adj.
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In daytime, the pylon's prismatic shape will glisten as it visually anchors the north end Of Museum Mile and reinforces El Museo's location.
Student activities such as safe teen driving, senior citizens outreach, assemblies and community service projects will reinforce character.
The formula, called "QII", balances the body's "YIN" and "YAN" energy and " TAO" energy movement, strengthens the immune system and reinforces cardio-vascular systems and liver, kidney and spleen functions.
A family of reinforcements made from ultra-high strength twisted steel wire cords - 11 times stronger than a typical steel plate - Hardwire easily reinforces various materials and provides high strength (up to 8 kips/inch) and high modulus (up to 30-million psi) in a very thin, ductile envelope.
Pappas continued, "The review of TCD contracts confirms and reinforces the faith we have in the potential and the wide range of uses of the TPF technology.
It's absolutely critical to pair a powerful sales methodology with an SFA technology that continually reinforces and recommends the next 'best practice' sales step.
The addition of these tools reinforces the learning experience enhancing the value of this education in the workplace.
Newly deployed CRM to reinforces TAC's capabilities and improves efficiency of service support