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tr.v. rein·forced, rein·forcing, rein·forces
a. To reward (an experimental subject, for example) with a reinforcer subsequent to a desired response or performance.
b. To encourage (a response) by means of a reinforcer.

re′in·force′a·ble adj.
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In support of this foundation service, in support of this incredible privilege, the audit and attest team at the AICPA continues to work diligently to reinforce the value of these core services.
Parents also should be sure to reinforce displays of good character with their children.
Phase 5 examines policies that can serve to reinforce the desired behavior change (Green & Kreuter, 1999).
As a practical matter, however, while this goal may meet appropriate documentation criteria, it will become the sole responsibility of the recreation worker unless all members of the team reinforce it.
There's nothing geologically frightening about the region if you know in advance what you're dealing with, if you grade massively to clear that soft soil and you reinforce your structures.