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tr.v. rehabili·tated, rehabili·tating, rehabili·tates
To restore to good health or useful life, as through therapy and education: rehabilitate a patient; rehabilitate a prison inmate.

re′ha·bil′i·tat′a·ble adj.
re′ha·bil′i·ta′tion n.
re′ha·bil′i·ta′tive adj.

Patient discussion about rehabilitate

Q. Is it possible to help someone be rehabilitated from alcohol? I want to help my father but he just wont go to rehab. I know he has to want it first and he does- but he doesnt like the whole social thing around it. I guess I could do it by myself- at home- but how??

A. i agree with scooter, good advises. of course AA meetings have great affect. but it'll be hard to convince him to go if he refuses to take control of his problem. try getting a good friend of him to help you. it might do the trick.

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The repairs will cover repairing building facades, roofing, and removing infringements on original structures, all according to scientific and international standards for rehabilitating historical cities.
Sultan added that several projects are being implemented at the Refinery to reduce water pollutants such as the project of rehabilitating the Unit No.
Photo: (color) County officials stand outside an apartment on 4th Street East to see whether it's worth rehabilitating as part of the ``Focus Neighborhood'' program to provide housing and improve property values.
They have consistently reported that when training and rehabilitating on the unit, it feels as though their muscles really 'wake up' like they have never before experienced.
Once he's finished rehabilitating and is healthy, we think he can help us get to where we want to go.
is a leading worldwide provider of proprietary technologies and services for rehabilitating sewer, water and other underground piping systems without digging and disruption.
The right-hander, who's been in the Dodgers system since 1985, remains in the Dominican Republic rehabilitating his surgically repaired right shoulder.
a nonprofit Rancho Cucamonga organization, is acquiring and rehabilitating the apartment complex for low-income tenants.
2 million would be earmarked for rehabilitating the project.
The Insituform SP process, which can negotiate bends, is ideal for sewers that change in shape or size and is the most cost effective way of structurally rehabilitating and providing a 50-year life for a sewer of this size.
And like WAVE, the agency currently is rehabilitating a 26-unit apartment complex for transitional housing for families who can stay 18 months in the central part of the Valley.
Penny Lane, a group home for emotionally troubled youths, is rehabilitating a six-unit apartment building on Acre Street in North Hills for young people old enough to live on their own.