regulated waste

reg·u·la·ted waste

(reg'yū-lā-tĕd wāst)
Refuse, often contaminated with infectious materials, which must be discarded according to specified regulations and guidelines.

regulated waste,

n refuse material made up of or contaminated by saliva, blood, or tissue (including teeth). Such waste includes contaminated sharp instruments as well as any solid waste materials that have been soaked or covered by the contaminants. Also called
infectious waste.
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Appearing before Exeter magistrates, Max Newbery, of Barley Villas Yard, Redhills, Exeter received a 24-week prison sentence, suspended for 2 years, and was ordered to pay 8,470 costs after being found guilty of operating a regulated waste facility without a permit and failing to comply with an enforcement notice in contravention of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.
Air Cycle and its two decades of experience in the industry will join the TerraCycle Regulated Waste business unit.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 5, 2018-TerraCycle Acquires Air Cycle to Expand Regulated Waste Disposal Solutions
Nuclear waste is the most regulated waste in the history of mankind," Barrett said.
Other components of the rule include proper containment of regulated medical waste, identification of regulated waste containers, sharps disposal boxes, and periodic employee training regarding all of those things.
Warning labels shall be affixed to containers of regulated waste, refrigerators and freezers containing blood or other potentially infectious material; and other containers used to store, transport or ship blood or other potentially infectious materials, except as provided in paragraph (g)(1)(i)(E), (F) and (G).
Empty anesthetic bottles are not considered to be regulated waste.
Suddes admitted a charge of operating a regulated waste facility without a permit.
Liszewski: Because of special handling requirements for certain types of medical waste, it costs more to put regulated waste into the waste stream than non-regulated waste and the costs multiply quickly.
Ransom worked closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as the PCB-impacted equipment, debris, and flooring was considered a regulated waste under the United States Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).
G R Shorthouse Limited, pleaded guilty at Kidderminster Magistrates' Court to operating a regulated waste facility without an environmental permit.
2 Environmental Income, Savings and Cost Avoidance (dollars in millions; see Detail on Income, Savings and Cost Avoidance from 2010 Activities below) From Initiatives in Stated Year Regulated Waste Disposal $1.