regular insulin

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reg·u·lar in·su·lin

a rapidly acting form of insulin that is a clear solution and may be administered intravenously as well as subcutaneously; may be mixed with longer acting forms of insulin to extend the duration of effect. Onset of effect occurs in 30 minutes to 1 hour, peak effects are observed in 2-3 hours, and the duration of effect is about 5-7 hours.
Synonym(s): globin insulin

regular insulin

a fast-acting insulin prescribed in the treatment of diabetes mellitus when the desired action is relatively prompt, intense, and short-acting. It can be mixed with long-acting forms of insulin. Regular insulin prepared from zinc insulin crystals is slightly longer-acting than the amorphous noncrystalline form of this type of insulin preparation. Insulin lispro, a slightly modified form of human insulin that is now widely used, has a faster onset and shorter duration of action than regular insulin.

reg·u·lar in·su·lin

(regyū-lăr insū-lin)
Rapidly acting form that a clear solution may be administered intravenously as well as subcutaneously.

Patient discussion about regular insulin

Q. what does an insulin shot do? and what is it good for?

A. Insulin is a hormone (substance that controls the activity of the body) that enables muscles and fat to use the glucose (sugar) we get from the diet as a source of energy for activity or for storage as fat. Thus, it lowers the concentration of glucose in the blood. It's produced and secreted from the pancreas, a gland located in the back of the abdomen. When people don't have insulin, or if the body doesn't respond to insulin (essentially diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, respectively), therapy with insulin helps the body maintain a normal level of glucose. Excessive concentration of glucose in the blood is termed "hyperglycemia" and is deleterious in the long term.

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Q. Why is insulin injected and not taken as a pill?

A. so if that's the case, why can't you use a patch (like a nicotine patch)? wouldn't that do the same trick?

Q. is there an alternative for the Insulin shots? something less painful but yet effective as the old way?

A. Here is a good site on alternative insulin delivery: Hope this helps.

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Newer insulin analogues such as insulin aspart (NovoRapid, Novo Nordisk, Baulkham Hills, NSW) and lispro (Humalog, Eli Lilly, West Ryde, NSW) have more rapid uptake and shorter duration of action than subcutaneous regular insulin (2,7).
Regular insulin was linear over the range 1-10 units/ml (40-400 [micro]g/ml), and got eluted at 10.
As per the protocol developed by the collaborative team, the NTSICU staff members were instructed to start with a regular insulin sliding scale for all patients admitted to the NTSICU.
85-89) Studies evaluating the use of rapid-acting insulin analogs injected immediately after a meal have also shown adequate postprandial glucose control, even when compared with preprandial regular insulin.
These modifications lead to a slower, more prolonged absorption than regular insulin and a relatively stable concentration-time profile over 24 h.
You should take insulin 30 minutes before a meal if you take regular insulin alone or with a longer-acting insulin.
The sheriff had only minor bruises while the ex-cop, a diabetic, had not received his regular insulin dose.
We would test him and his blood sugar would be too low,'' Stringfield said, noting that human diabetics also become irritable without regular insulin injections.
In end-stage renal disease, regular insulin action may be as prolonged in effect as the intermediate-acting insulins.
The condition is presently treated with regular insulin injections.