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v. re·gressed, re·gressing, re·gresses
To have a tendency to approach or go back to a statistical mean. Psychology
To induce a state of regression in: techniques to regress a patient under hypnosis.

re·gres′sor n.


Cardiology A clinical trial–Regression Growth Evaluation Statin Study of the effect of pravastatin on progression or regression of CAD in symptomatic ♂ with hypercholesterolemia. See Lipid-lowering therapy, Pravastatin. Cf MAAS, PLAC I, PLAC II, 4S.
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A single model regressing the SDNN index (no lag) on nickel, vanadium, and lead concentrations, adjusted for age, mean heart rate, and smoking status, was investigated.
These findings were associated with a statistically significant increase in the rate of apoptosis in regressing adenomatous tissue.
Regressing polyps showed substantial increases in the rate of apoptosis, while the rate of apoptosis in nearby normal tissue was unchanged, confirming a selective induction of apoptosis in neoplastic tissue without affecting normal cells.
In effect, we are regressing to the old 'islands of data' problem that a central data warehouse was supposed to solve," said Doug Lynn, senior research analyst in META Group's Open Computing & Server Strategies service.