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The briefest unit of experience; the unit composed of the total physiologic processes occurring at a single moment, which constitute dominant configurations in the brain. A single process constituting part of the regnancy is referred to as a regnant process.
[L. regnant-, regnans, pres. p. of regno, to rule]
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Smolin works at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, a think tank in Ontario; his book The Trouble With Physics combines a pungent critique of the regnant views in theoretical physics with a broader meditation on how science works, or fails to work.
From the glory of Elizabeth I, one of England's most successful monarchs, through Mary II, who undervalued her own talents, to the imperial majesty of Victoria, the Queens - with the exception of the first Queen regnant, Mary I all overcame various trials to become outstanding monarchs.
A survey that aims at fidelity to regnant treatments of each era--a synthesis of syntheses--is bound to be captive to summaries that all make sense on their own terms but taken all together do not make sense at all.
All emperors and empresses regnant were from the male line, and opponents of female-line monarchs say allowing such a system would ''destroy Japan's history and traditions.
Leido el texto que se propone, con independencia del texto original frances del poemario Hier Regnant Desert, he de declarar que "funciona".
He described the shifting 'boundary' issues that influence the interface of these two domains of thought and praxis as well as their regnant epistemologies.
A full-scale critique of the regnant discipline of international relations would have been welcomed, but again there is an unreality to the text.
In this issue, Emanuel and colleagues challenge this regnant view.
Because of the lack of data on the management of cancer in pregnant women, the Motherisk program established the Consortium of Cancer in pregnancy Evidence to develop up-to-late, evidence-based information on the diagnosis, management, prognois, and fetal outcome of cancer in regnant women.
Set in a universe with previous books and continued characters, the Familias Regnant is a political system of long-established families with nobles and peasants, with their own shipping fleets, inherited positions and the Regular Space Service, known as the Fleet.
With no Versailles to show off, what will America have to show the tourists of the future, the Chinese or the Burkina Fasovars or whoever are the regnant power of the 24th century and wish to see the glories of the great American empire?
Un detour par divers traitements culturels de l'homosexualite, faisant de celle-ci une dimension a part entiere d'une virilite souveraine plutot que le contraire exclusif de l'heterosexualite, lui permet de faire le lien entre l'intimite regnant de fait entre le corps des joueurs pendant le match et son intensification posterieure, sous forme parodique (chants grivois, mimes de coit a deux, exhibitionnisme) ou initiatique (rencontres avec des travestis).