registered respiratory therapist

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Registered Respiratory Therapist

a respiratory therapist who has passed the advanced level written and clinical simulation examinations of the National Board for Respiratory Care.

registered respiratory therapist (RRT)

an allied health professional who has successfully completed the written registry and clinical simulation examination of the National Board for Respiratory Care and who specializes in scientific knowledge and theory of clinical problems of respiratory care. Usually a 2- or 4-year college affiliation leading to an associate or bachelor's degree is required. Duties include the collection and evaluation of patient data to determine an appropriate care plan, selection and assembly of equipment, conduction of therapeutic procedures, and modification of prescribed plans to achieve one or more specific objectives.

reg·is·tered res·pi·ra·tor·y ther·a·pist

(RRT) (rej'is-tĕrd res'pir-ă-tōr-ē thār'ă-pist)
Health professional who has graduated from an accredited respiratory therapy program and has passed both theoretic and practical portions of the national credentialing examination.
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The first group consisted of registered respiratory therapists (RRT), and the second a cross section of ICU personnel involved in ventilator management.
The evaluation encompassed a cross-section of personnel including pulmonary fellows, first, second and third year residents, medical students, nurse practitioners, certified respiratory therapists and registered respiratory therapists.
They included 9 registered respiratory therapists, 2 certified respiratory therapists, 3 nurse practitioners, 12 medical students, 15 PGY1, 10 PGY2, 5 PGY3 and 5 pulmonary Fellows.
Our study supports the work of others who have demonstrated that registered respiratory therapists are the most logical providers of safe and effective mechanical ventilation.
The book and its companion digital product help candidates pass the American board examinations to become certified respiratory therapists or registered respiratory therapists.
The chamber operators are all registered respiratory therapists and certified hyperbaric technologists (CHT), a credential given by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology (NBDHMT).
Newly introduced federal legislation would allow registered respiratory therapists to provide services such as smoking cessation, asthma management, and inhaler training to patients without direct on-site supervision by a physician.
Under current law, registered respiratory therapists (RRTs), who have a bachelor's degree but no medical school training, may provide services to patients only under the direct, on-site supervision of a physician.
There's also another movement afoot to allow services provided by registered respiratory therapists with bachelor's degrees to be compensated under Medicare Part B when these services are performed under the umbrella of a physician practice.
Current employees from these hospitals will receive training to become registered respiratory therapists and earn an associate's degree at no extra cost.
The bill if it becomes law will permit registered respiratory therapists (RRT) with a bachelor's degree to get reimbursed for services rendered independently.
Think about it, we have practitioners who identify themselves as Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT); "registry-eligible" therapists (those who plan to sit for and pass the advanced level exams .

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