registered dental hygienist

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reg·is·ter·ed den·tal hy·gien·ist

(RDH) (reji-stĕrd dentăl hī-jēnist)
Health care professional who specializes in the cleaning and care of the oral cavity.
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Registered dental hygienists interested in providing care as OHLs in long-term care settings should take continuing education courses that focus on geriatric care.
Smethers is a Registered Dental Hygienist and directs the Air Force Oral Hygiene Course at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.
The RDHAP is a licensed registered dental hygienist with additional
For today's registered dental hygienist, social media serves as great tool to engage with colleagues in the United States and around the world.
Dick Dever, Donald Schaible and John Warner, would allow a registered dental hygienist to be certified as an Advanced Practice Dental Hygienist.
Since recent news broke about irresponsible dentists who don't follow proper dental safety procedures, a lot of patients have asked what things they should watch for when they are at the dentist to minimize their risk of infection," said Noel Brandon-Kelsch, a registered dental hygienist and the infection control columnist for RDH magazine.
As the American Heart Association advocates the development of a healthy routine to combat heart disease, we urge Americans to look at proactive ways to step up their oral health care routine," says Deborah Lyle, a registered dental hygienist.
Another TDHA legislative initiative, SB 571/HB 1409, allows a dentist to delegate the administration of local anesthesia to a registered dental hygienist.
Worcester and his wife, a registered dental hygienist, have been in practice over 30 years.
Their unique team approach combines the clinical expertise of a registered dental hygienist with the front-line, front office experience of an administrative specialist.
The class of '81 has taken me under their wings and has not only helped but has encouraged me along my journey into becoming a registered dental hygienist.
Americans are taking steps to illuminate their smiles and enhance the health of their mouths," says Registered Dental Hygienist Lisa Copeland.

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