refractive accommodative esotropia

re·frac·tive ac·com·mo·da·tive es·o·tro·pi·a

that type of esotropia eliminated by correction of hypermetropic refractive error.
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Objective: To determine the prognostic factors affecting stereoacuity in patients with refractive accommodative esotropia (RAE) according to the results of long follow- up period.
Keywords: Amblyopia, Refractive accommodative esotropia, Stereopsis.
Refractive accommodative esotropia (RAE) includes accommodative convergence, uncorrected hyperopia and inadequate fusional divergence.
Factors influencing stereoacuity in refractive accommodative esotropia.
Photorefractive keratectomy on purely refractive accommodative esotropia.
Treatment outcomes in refractive accommodative esotropia.
Binocularity in refractive accommodative esotropia.
The maximal tolerable reduction in hyperopic correction in patients with refractive accommodative esotropia.
Development of refractive accommodative esotropia in children initially diagnosed with pseudoesotropia.