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Manufactured at the highest quality standards and with functions such as Full Body Massage, Shiatsu / Acupuncture, Air Compression, Reflexotherapy and others, the Japanese massage chairs can be used by adults and children for relaxation and therapeutic reasons.
Key terms: foot reflexotherapy, reflexology, foot reflexological massage, feet and treatment, foot massage, zone therapy massage, zone AND cancer, neoplasm, therapy oncology, palliative, terminal, hospice Databases: Cochrane Databases: Cochrane Library, PubMed, Central Register of MEDLINE, EBM Reviews, Controlled Trials, ProQuest Medical MEDLINE, EMBASRE, Bundle, SCOPUS and CINAHL, British Wangfane.
Maintaining optimum weight, walking on bare feet on the sand, foot baths, massaging of the feet with essential oils, reflexotherapy, foot stretches and regular physical exercises go a long way to keep you well and on your feet.
The town has been named among Europe's top 10 health resorts and offers curative showers, curative mud, music chambers, reflexotherapy and oxygen treatment.
7) Use of electrostimulation in rhinology is extremely rare and, when used, was performed either as a form of reflexotherapy (8) or transcranially.
Com, a leading provider of alternative self-help treatments and products, announced today its newest offering to Web consumers -- the Reflexotherapy Applicator.
Com, "the Reflexotherapy Applicator has an extraordinary patented design that when used correctly provides an alternative and complimentary method of self-treatment that promotes healing, relieves stress, tension, aches, and pains.
Treatment includes needle reflexotherapy and acupuncture, therapeutic massage, therapeutic laser and exercises, electrotherapy and electro massage, functional therapy, rehabilitation or recovery therapy, kinestherapy (treatment of disease by movements or exercise), and Moxibustion.