reflex action

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the accomplishment of an effect, whether mechanical or chemical, or the effect so produced.
cumulative action the sudden and markedly increased action of a drug after administration of several doses.
independent nursing action nursing care that can be provided without the direction of other health care providers.
medication action/side effects in the omaha system, information regarding the purposes and positive or negative consequences of therapeutic drugs.
reflex action an involuntary response to a stimulus conveyed to the nervous system and reflected to the periphery, passing below the level of consciousness; see also reflex.

reflex action

the involuntary functioning or movement of any organ or body part in response to a particular stimulus. The function or action occurs immediately, without the involvement of the will or consciousness.

reflex action



a reflected involuntary action or movement; the sum total of any particular automatic response mediated by the nervous system.
A reflex is built into the nervous system and does not need the intervention of conscious thought to take effect.
For reflexes used in clinical examination of a patient see under individual titles including anal, blink, corneal, conjunctival, crossed extensor, extensor thrust, eyelid, gastrocnemius, hopping, palpebral, panniculus, patellar, perineal, placing, pupillary, withdrawal.

accommodation reflex
the coordinated changes that occur when the eye adapts itself for near vision; they are constriction of the pupil, convergence of the eyes and increased convexity of the lens.
reflex action
an involuntary response to a stimulus conveyed to the nervous system and reflected to the periphery (see also reflex).
reflex bradycardia
bradycardia occurring as a reflex initiated by severe atrial or ventricular stretch.
chain reflex
a series of reflexes, each serving as a stimulus to the next, making a complete activity.
complete reflex
one requiring no feedback from the forebrain.
conditioned reflex
see conditioned response.
cutaneous trunci reflex
see panniculus reflex.
dazzle reflex
a test of the retina, optic nerve, and central retinal pathways. Shining a bright light into the eye should cause squinting.
reflex dyssynergia
see detrusor-urethral dyssynergia.
gastroileal reflex
increase in ileal motility and opening of the ileocecal valve when food enters the empty stomach.
light reflex
see pupillary light reflex.
nociceptive reflex
reflexes initiated by painful stimuli.
palatal reflex
see swallowing reflex.
rectosphincteric reflex
relaxation of the anal sphincter which occurs with distention of the rectum and during defecation.
stepping reflex
movements of progression elicited when the animal is held upright and inclined forward with the feet touching a flat surface.
stretch reflex
reflex contraction of a muscle in response to passive longitudinal stretching.
superficial reflex
any withdrawal reflex elicited by noxious or tactile stimulation of the skin, cornea or mucous membrane, including the corneal and pharyngeal reflexes.
tapetal reflex
tapetal reflection of light.
tendon reflex
a method of testing the patency of reflex arc. The tendon is stretched sharply by tapping it close to its insertion. A positive reaction is a sharp contraction of the muscle of which the tendon is part. The patellar reflex is the best known of these reflexes. Absence indicates a defect in the reflex arc, an exaggerated response suggests an upper motor neuron lesion. Called also myotactic reflex.
tonic reflex
see tonic neck response.
triceps surae reflex
Achilles reflex.
trigemino-abducens reflex
a test of the ophthalmic and mandibular divisions of the trigeminal nerve, and the abducens nerve. Light touching of the cornea should result in retraction of the globe and protrusion of the nictitating membrane.
reflex walking
spinal reflexes can provide support and uncoordinated use of the hindlegs that resembles walking, in dogs with transection of the spinal cord between T13 and L4.
whisker reflex
pinching the pinna elicits a twitch of the whiskers in cats; used in assessment of depth of anesthesia.

Patient discussion about reflex action

Q. Anyone have/hear of RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) CRPS etc ,I have Fibro too Reflex Synmpathetic Dystrophy or CRPS and I have Fibromyalgia any others with CNS problems

A. Ok I would like to ask if any others with RSD would like to get to know each other it looks like they have groups ,no one without RSD can appreciate the pain and the way those who you love the most ,think you are a faker because some RSDers ,you can't see anything readily ,not being believed with Nerve pain thayt is worse than anything I have felt like being shot ,blown up ,Third Degree Burns well kinda like when the nerves stgart to grow back from Third degree burns but 24/7 and the same degree of p[ain since 1968 .IF RSD IS CAUGHT IN THE FIIRST YEAR IT CAN BE Reversed so yes I want knowledge (oops didnt mean caps(to yell)Thank You rsdno

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Reflex action of the mouth was least likely to be the first reflex lost, and among all of the losses observed this response was lost in just 0.
This process improves balance in the autonomic nervous system, brain and heart and helps people handle stress differently from their usual reflex action.
The supplier is positioning the Quadra Action System as its top-of-the-line offering in the dry electric category, followed by the Reflex Action and Double Action razors.
The exact mechanism has not been unravelled, but it appears that the saponins irritate the upper intestine, which triggers a reflex action in the lungs.
A reflex action lacks the necessary intent to constitute an assault.
This work stimulates your own hand into reflex action and makes you feel like painting Alley Oop yourself.
By studying this motion, the researchers can observe how sensory input, pattern generation, and reflex action are coordinated to provide efficient propulsion.
Why do psychological aspects of orgasm have such an effect if orgasm is by reflex action in people who are paralyzed?
Hood was famous for his punning, which appears at times to be almost a reflex action, serving as a defense against painful emotion.
I knew this rediscovered conservative deity-worship was a reflex action of individuals viewing their lives as subservient to larger forces.
But when the occasion to deliver a lethal blow arises, that blow falls by reflex action, conditioned by accidental circumstance and internalized fear.
It has become almost a reflex action for a whole generation of historians to date the beginning of the early modern world in the middle of the fourteenth century.