reflectance spectrophotometry

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re·flec·tance spec·tro·pho·to·me·try

(rĕ-flek'tăns spek'trō-fŏ-tom'ĕ-trē)
A quantitative spectrophotometric technique in which light is reflected from the surface of a colorimetric reaction and is then used to measure the amount of the reaction product.
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The technique of reflectance spectrophotometry for assessment of gastric mucosal blood flow was first described by Sato et al in 1979 (44).
Because reflectance spectrophotometry measurements are easily obtained several times per second, real-time monitoring of perfusion is possible.
reflectance spectrophotometry and tonometry) are likely to better reflect the microcirculatory disturbances in sepsis than techniques that simply measure flow (e.