neutral position

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neutral position

Orthopedics The position of a joint where the bones that make up the joint are placed in the optimal position for maximal movement

neutral position

; NP; reference position position of the leg and foot when the subject stands in normal angle and base of gait; used as the reference position for assessment of deviations from the norm (Table 1)
Table 1: Features of the neutral or reference position of the joints of the foot and lower limb
JointCharacteristics at neutralAvailable motion
HipThe legs are in line with the trunk, parallel to one another and in the sagittal plane
The femoral condyles lie in the frontal plane
Internal/external rotation
KneeKnee joint fully extended
Thigh and lower leg in line in sagittal and frontal planes
AnklePlantar aspect of the foot on the horizontal plane/weight-bearing surface
Lower leg perpendicular to the sagittal and frontal planes/weight-bearing surface
SubtalarBisection of the posterior aspect of the calcaneum perpendicular to horizontal plane/weight-bearing surfaceSupination/pronation
Midtarsal complexPlantar aspects of the metatarsal heads lie in horizontal plane/on weight-bearing surface
Joint maximally pronated
First rayPlantar aspect of the first metatarsal head in same plane as lesser metatarsal heads, and horizontal planeDorsiflexion/plantarflexion
Second/third/ fourth raysMaximally dorsiflexed on horizontal plane/weight-bearing surfacePlantarflexion
Fifth rayPlantar aspect of the fifth metatarsal head in same plane as lesser metatarsal heads, and horizontal planeDorsiflexion/plantarflexion
First metatarsophalangeal jointPlantar aspect of hallux in ground contact on horizontal plane and the hallux neither adducted nor abductedFlexion/extension

neu·tral po·si·tion

(nūtrăl pŏ-zishŭn)
Ideal positioning of the body while performing work activities associated with decreased risk of musculoskeletal injury.

neutral position,

n correct ergonomic positioning of the clinician's body in order to reduce stress and fatigue on muscles and joints during intraoral care of a patient, thereby reducing the possibility of neuromuscular disorders or repetitive strain injuries to the clinician.
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