reference method

ref·er·ence meth·od

an analytic procedure sufficiently free of random or systematic error to make it useful for validating proposed new analytic procedures for the same analyte.
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The USDA issued a letter of no objection for the use of the NeoSeek confirmatory method, and stated the NeoSeek service is comparable to the reference method, FSIS MLG 5B.
Furthermore, this test is used as a reference method in NGSP Network Laboratories, an association that favors the standardization of HbA1c testing.
then looked for a reference method and reference materials for CDT.
Completing the AFNOR certification process provides our customers with the confidence in alternative methods that can be used against a reference method," said Nir Nimrodi, General Manager of the Animal and Food Safety Business for Life Technologies.
With raised triglyceride, LDLc became negative compared to LDLm which was also closer to the reference method target.
A total of 60 samples of ground beef or beef trim were analyzed by the rapid (375g) and the reference method (65g) each.
As a reference method for comparison of measurement results a trigonometric method is used.
TATG replaces the manual four-point reference method as the primary gauge for the amount of fuel in a collapsible fabric tank.
Users will be able to change any editable parameter, including overspeed, cylinder firing angles, number of cylinders and CAM reference method.
The IFCC working group proposes a reference method against which free [T.
HemoCue is using the ICSH reference method to calibrate and quality control all haemoglobin instruments and all cuvette batches manufactured by the company.
In fact, the Randle reference method required nearly 35 w/v % NaOH concentration.

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