reference laboratory

ref·er·ence lab·o·ra·tory

(ref'rĕns lab'ŏr-ă-tōr-ē, lă-bōr'a-trē)
A large laboratory that performs miscellaneous testing not usually performed in a hospital laboratory.
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President Mahinda Rajapaksa opened Sri Lanka s first-ever Medical Reference Laboratory at the Lanka Hospitals, in Colombo yesterday (July 16).
Decisions about your reference laboratory partner should, in large part, be based upon measures of service quality, service efficiency, result communication, and financial value.
Opening remarks were made by Ilaria Capua, director of OIE and the National Reference Laboratory for Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza in Padua, Italy.
The item will often be periodically returned to a central laboratory acting as a reference laboratory for testing, before being passed on to the next successive participating laboratory in order to determine whether any change has taken place to it or to its assigned reference values.
We characterized the types of telephone inquiries that personnel in primary laboratories made to reference laboratories and measured the rate with which reference laboratory personnel resolved the inquiries.
One of the ways that this can be performed is to work with a reference laboratory very closely.
Contract notice: Nature agency reference laboratory for chemical and microbiological environmental measurements.
Isolates from 4 patients in the Zaragoza outbreak were identified at the Spanish Reference Laboratory as L.
American Medical Laboratories has been selected as the preferred-source provider of Esoteric Reference Laboratory Testing Services for MDS Laboratories Inc.
Both the national reference laboratory and contract laboratories participated in an external quality proficiency test provided by the College of American Pathologists and the national reference laboratory.