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To induce refection.
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Safley overstates the singularity of Augsburg's concern for Nahrung (Terpstra's Bologna refects a similar concern as do orphanages elsewhere: Lyon, Amsterdam, Seville and Turin, for example).
At least in part, the relative paucity of reports probably refects the lack of sophisticated fungal diagnostic techniques in much of Southeast Asia.
The value of the Company's backlog of undelivered housing, which refects new sales contracts that have yet to close, increased 36% to $57,058,334 (representing 358 units) as of March 31, 1994, from $41,920,318 (representing 339 units) as of March 31, 1993.
Among their advantages are no noise or harmful radiation, land requirements are small and need not be level, no aircraft obstruction lighting is required, the aluminum face refects surrounding terrain for natural camouflaging helicopters; they allow a wider selection of sites during planning stages; razing of land for access roads and power lines is not required.
Up on the top Foor, Walsall-born photographer Phil Brooks's 60 degrees north reFects his ambitious project to explore life in the extreme north.
Spokeswoman for the group, Val Hunt, said: "The exhibition refects the group's diverse use of materials and techniques.
Even at first glance the attractive design with a new interpretation of the four-eyes face refects two of the most important characteristics of the new C-class: dynamism and elegance.