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To induce refection.
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The subdivisions of the bars refect the individual 6 hour runs; thus, for sections in the 24 hour bar.
The proliferation of German vocabulary borrowed from other languages refects the central position of Germany and German-speaking countries geographically, economically, and culturally.
Bombs go off in crowds of people and buildings are destroyed in the flm that the cast says refects real-life threats.
A Reactive attitude type refects beliefs that Whites have unearned advantages and privileges in society while a Conflictive attitude type reflects beliefs that people of color unfairly benefit from governmental aid and programs.
However, some experts say food and beverage companies should take the lawsuit seriously, because whether or not the case moves forward, its hype refects a national focus on health, and imminent industry wide marketing and product reform.
Craze shops, cooks and chats in front of a concrete landscape and his food refects the multi-culturalism of his upbringing in West London.
While that is partially due to the wearingly benign nature of the pitches and says something on the potency of the Warwickshire attack, it also refects on a side that is becoming harder to beat.
Contrasting Whitehead's view of philosophy with recent schools of thought, Weber notes that 'Whitehead's organic processism is not the product of a pure intellectual quest; it refects the existential demand for meaning' (83).
Safley overstates the singularity of Augsburg's concern for Nahrung (Terpstra's Bologna refects a similar concern as do orphanages elsewhere: Lyon, Amsterdam, Seville and Turin, for example).
At least in part, the relative paucity of reports probably refects the lack of sophisticated fungal diagnostic techniques in much of Southeast Asia.
Finally, Wilson refects on the present predicament of the Mexican garment industry.
Among their advantages are no noise or harmful radiation, land requirements are small and need not be level, no aircraft obstruction lighting is required, the aluminum face refects surrounding terrain for natural camouflaging helicopters; they allow a wider selection of sites during planning stages; razing of land for access roads and power lines is not required.