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To induce refection.
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Still, Lille are better than St Etienne to a greater extent than is refected in their price to win the game.
The first aim of the Media Lab is to ensure Aboriginal history is accurately and innovatively refected in the media in order to counter persistent misunderstandings about Aboriginal societies.
Recent updates to a number of treatment guidelines have refected this changing situation by emphasizing the need for clinicians to consider local antimicrobial resistance patterns and risk factors for infection with drug-resistant pathogens when prescribing empiric antimicrobial therapy.
The RCN says it is more practical for women to wear trousers and short- sleeved tunic tops: "It can get very warm in hospitals and this has now been refected in the uniform they are expected to wear.
At least in part this refected the cumulative effect of earlier declines in short-term market interest rates in lowering the opportunity costs of holding liquid deposits.
Anyway, the Elizabethan setting soon collides with that second Elizabethan age, the 1950s - Simon Callow's Falstaff arrives on a motorbike - and the cheery anachronistic spirit is refected in various dance numbers.
REAL MADRID face a more strenuous test of their ability to catch Barcelona at the top of La Liga than is refected in the exchange prices for their clash with Sevilla at the Bernabeu tonight, writes Ian Coyne.
The sampling schedule refected the best compromise between the need for maximum duration of counting and sampling periods, the need to capture traffic volumes during morning peaks (600-800 hr) and evening peaks (1600-1800 hr), and availability of field staff.
But he said his offer was refected and now has "no real desire to return to a department that has been run down over the past three years".