meiotic phase

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mei·ot·ic phase

the stage of nuclear changes in the sexual cells during which reduction of the chromosomes takes place; it embraces the cell generations of the spermatocytes and oocytes.
Synonym(s): reduction phase
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Very early in our planning, we determine the basic program structure, whether we will have a dedicated risk reduction phase, what basic contract types we will use, our criteria for entering design for production and for entering production itself, and how much time and money we will need to execute the program.
Smokers in the study were treated for a 12-week reduction phase followed by a 12-week abstinence phase (for a total of 24 weeks of treatment).
These activities are part of the AOC WS program's risk reduction phase known as Pre-Engineering and Manufacturing Development (Pre-EMD).
SSN Reduction Phase 1 and 2 Results Number of Number Number of Number of Percentage official of forms forms forms that of DON forms forms in with canceled eliminated or that can the DON SSNs substitutea reduce SSN the SSN use requirement ~26,000 8,886 1,790 2,106 44% Total Number of Number of Number of IT Percentage number of IT corrections systems that of IT IT systems systems to the can systems that in with DTTPR-DON eliminate or can reduce DITPR-DON SSNs database substitute SSN use the SSN 1,572 205 26 45 25%
Japan repeats opposition to new reduction phase under climate pact
Of the 137 children, 70 completed the dose reduction phase.
My husband is in the civil engineering career field which is being made smaller because of mandatory cross training and Force Reduction Phase II.
The reduction occurred during a stable steroid phase and during a steroid reduction phase.
The first award is a Cost Plus Fixed Fee contract of just under $5 million for the program development risk reduction phase.
to achieve the main objective of the on-going investment project Water Loss Reduction Phase 2 in the city of Nablus,
The robust hardware solution has been successfully tested through stringent government environments and specifications during the TSAT risk reduction phase, significantly reducing risk for the next phase of the program.
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