reducing valve

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re·duc·ing valve

a valve designed to lower the pressure of a gas coming from a cylinder containing compressed gas under high pressure.

reducing valve

A device to reduce the pressure of gas that has been compressed in a cylinder.
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1. a membranous fold in a canal or passage that prevents backward flow of material passing through it.
2. a mechanical device to regulate the flow of liquid or gas from an area of higher pressure to one of lower pressure.
3. automatic valve which maintains a steady vacuum in the system of a mechanical milking machine.

Adam's pressure reducing valve
see reducing valve (below).
aortic valve
see aortic valve.
atrioventricular v's
the valves between the right atrium and right ventricle (tricuspid valve) and the left atrium and left ventricle (mitral valve).
bicuspid valve
mitral valve.
cardiac v's
valves that control flow of blood through and from the heart. See also aortic valve, mitral valve, pulmonary valve, tricuspid valve.
coronary valve
a valve at entrance of the coronary sinus into right atrium.
flair valve
a cardiac valve having a cusp that has lost its normal support (as in ruptured chordae tendineae) and flutters in the bloodstream.
ileocecal valve, ileocolic valve
see ileocecal valve.
nonreturn valve
in anesthetic circuits, it prevents exhaled gas from returning to the patient.
portal valve
regulates the amount of venous blood entering the kidney.
pressure reducing valve
see reducing valve (below).
pyloric valve
a prominent fold of mucous membrane at the pyloric orifice of the stomach.
reducing valve
a special valve used on anesthetic machines and which reduces the pressure of the gas reaching the exit valve so that control of the flow is made easier. Called also regulator.
semilunar v's
valves made up of semilunar segments or cusps (valvulae semilunares), guarding the entrances into the aorta and pulmonary artery.
thebesian valve
coronary valve.
valve tube
a thermionic diode that permits the flow of electric current in an x-ray machine in only one direction.
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To ensure proper functioning, pressure reducing valves should be drained to tank.
The balancing is accomplished with reducing valves with three ways.
Spirax Sarco pilot operated reducing valves have been upgraded with the introduction of a hi-tech, variable rate, pressure control spring, simplifying ordering and cutting spares stockholding costs.
Tenders are invited for pressure reducing valve bypass which includes 80 lf of 12" ductile iron, 2 - 12" x 24" tapping sleeve and valves, 12" pressure reducing valve and all other appurtenances involved in the construction of the proposed bypass.
In addition to bolstering Armstrong's control valve offering, Ivanov points out the acquisition of Delta2 will also expand Armstrong's line of direct acting pressure reducing valves and de-superheating stations.
HM Prison Peterborough has been equipped with Honeywell pressure reducing valves, chosen for their quiet operation and because they provide the best performance on high and low water demand.
HONEYWELL compact pressure reducing valves have been awarded the Waterwise Marque, awarded annually to products which reduce water wastage or raise the awareness of water efficiency.
Water consumption in domestic, commercial and industrial premises is easy to reduce using Honeywell pressure reducing valves.