reduced eye

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re·duced eye

a simplified design of the ocular optic system, represented as having a single refracting surface and a uniform index of refraction; a model based on this concept is used in retinoscopy and ophthalmoscopy.


1. Denotes divergence of light travelling from, or convergence of light travelling from, or to an object or image. The
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Reduced eye motility in more than two directions was present in 14 of 18 patients who developed loss of vision, compared with just 20 of 119 without this complication.
Let's face it, color is great, and reduced eye strain is always welcome.
As a result, ambient lighting at the Baltimore VA reading room will be optimized using blue LED (light-emitting diode) lights for increased energy efficiency and reduced eye fatigue.
At elevated temperatures, directly modulated laser (DML) technology has proven asymmetrical performance resulting in reduced eye mask margin and degradation in overall link budget even with increased signal amplitude.
This highly accurate return loss tester used Two LCD displays, and efficiently reduced eye strain of users.

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