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Patient discussion about redness

Q. is red meat bad for you??? and what about white meat like pork??? why is consider to be healthy eating vegie what are the advantages of this kind of nutrition ? what are the actual differences in a nutrition matter ?

A. Eating red meat an average of about twice a day seems to raise the risk of stomach cancer. This risk is increased even more if the meat is barbecued and well done. there are more evidence about colon cancer , and also higher risk of strokes. but i have no idea about white meat. although barbecued meat (white or red) had a material that our liver cause it to be cancerous.

Q. Does anybody know what can be done about a very itchy red rash on ones' toes which comes back every few months I've used different sorts of creams such as Lamasil. It's really bothering me and I'd love to get a few directions before I give up and go see a doctor.

A. Sounds like 'Athletes foot'. Here is a website that lists some remedies for it:'s_Foot.cfm

Q. I have red blotches under my skin and swelling on hands and feet with joint pain. Any answers. it has been two days the blotches are gone but I still have swelling.

A. could be some kind of joint Rheumatic fever... some kind of joint infection. this should be looked upon by a Dr. those things can cause damage if not treated right. a bacterial infection that is not treated can cause a permanent damage.

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In the case studies, titled "Topical Treatment With Liposomal Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin Complex in Subjects With Facial Redness and Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea," sodium copper chlorophyllin complex was employed to treat symptoms associated with facial redness and rosacea.
Sam says, 'A mistake people make is to try to wipe out redness completely - if you have a pink undertone to your face and you wipe it out, your face won't match your neck.
Facial redness can also occur due to long-term sun exposure, mild" Facial redness can also occur due to long-term sun exposure, mild eczema, dermatitis and scarring, or spontaneously with no underlying cause/problem
Sometimes steroid creams are used and they will correct the redness.
The survey shows how the lives of people with facial redness associated with rosacea are affected by the condition, as well as how other people perceive them.
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Bonicel, at 5%, decreases redness, even in a product that is washed off, according to Ganeden Biotech.
This gel–like serum instantly helps to soothe discomfort and redness associated with sensitive and irritated skin.
Applying rose water after steaming tightens capillaries, reduces redness and blotchiness.
If there is not a property that resembles the introspective representation of phenomenal redness, but there is a property that normally causes such introspective representations, then the concept 'phenomenal redness' applies to that property.
If you are experiencing vaginal itching, redness, swelling, or blisters within 30 minutes of sexual contact then this could indicate a more serious allergic reaction.
We used measures of male tail brightness, tail redness (PC I), flank brightness, flank redness (PC I), bib score, body size, year, and arrival date as our main effects in each model.