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Social medicine A deprecating term for a broad swath of less-educated lower class white Americans who live in the rural United States, especially in the southeastern part of the country, which comprised the former Confederacy of the 13 states involved in the US Civil War (1861–1865)
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In this discussion she rejects the common impulse to construct rednecks as a negative foil for bourgeoisie, insisting that "working-class culture is a culture in its own right" (p.
Inside is the Canadian Redneck, sitting up with his shotgun.
Star Wars was my generation's cinematic muse, but for me, a kid growing up in a Boston suburb, almost as far away from redneck status as you could get, Convoy, Smokey and the Bandit, and Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot are the fondest cinematic memories I have.
By this point, those rednecks weren't just jeering the same sheriff as the hippies.
Title: Redneck Nation: How the South really won the warAuthor: Michael GrahamPublished by: Warner Books IncISBN: 0-446-52884-6Price: USD23.
It's charming to follow this Indian raised in Trinidad, who looks from his jacket photograph like an aged Seminole or Creek, as he checks in and out of rural motels in Mississippi and Alabama, discovers rednecks for the first time and tries to imagine that he's back on the Ganges: "In a pond beside the road on the way to Fort Oglethorpe [Georgia], cattle stood in muddy water up to their bellies--one might have been in India.
Underscored with that added redneck, Southern American perspective, of course.
London, July 30 (ANI): An Asian man, who called British police officers "white redneck hooligans" and accused them of "treating him like a Paki," has been found guilty of making racist remarks.
A REDNECK goes to the doctors for a vasectomy but is shocked by the cost.
From yeoman to redneck in the South Carolina upcountry, 1850-1915.
As Stewart recalls it, one day Steve Wright told him, "'I don't understand the redneck issue.
Missing from the crew was the redneck from Florida--Peterson--who rolled his cankle two weeks before the trip.