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Finally, another common cause of red eye is blepharitis.
Tribune officials, confident that their readers can differentiate a Trib product--even a light and hip one-from pot pamphlets, say Red Eye Press is overreacting.
While Red Eye will be a tabloid when it debuts within a month, the Times has dispensed with its 42-year-old Sunday Calendar tab, morphing it into a two-section broadsheet.
Red Eye claims that the use of cookies provides reliable information on how many people visit the site, how often they return and who they are.
The Red Eye Radio Million Mile Club honors truck drivers with one million miles of accident-free driving.
Red Eye takes a simple concept and wrings every last drop of suspense from the battle of wits between hunter and prey.
The London Stock Exchange-listed company received a significant shot in the arm last year after signing a global distribution agreement for Red Eye with American healthcare giant Baxter Healthcare
Two versions of the Red Eye Detection Library are currently shipping: a desktop (Win32) and a server (Win32, Linux and Solaris) library.
The tension dissipates once the airplane begins its descent, when Red Eye inexplicably contrives an overwrought final showdown straight out of Scream or one of Craven's other bloodthirsty slashers.
Red Eye was invented by the company's founder, George Gallagher, and he has said he believes it could revolutionise the way patients are cared for in hospital.
Red Eye has been designed by inventor and company managing director George Gallagher, as an electronic monitoring system to ensure drips in hospitals provide the correct flow of fluids to a patient.
Features: 30-90mm motorised zoom lens; infra red auto focus; LCD panel which indicates red eye reduction, fill-in flash, flash cancel, self timer- remote control mode, close-up mode, portrait mode, night portrait mode and landscape/night scene mode facilities; automatic rewind; mid-roll rewind, auto battery shut down; low battery indicator, tripod socket; carry case.