red bug

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red bug




red bug

See chigger.


1. A colloquial term for any small insect or arthropod, esp. of the order Hemiptera, that has sucking mouth parts, incomplete metamorphosis, and two pairs of wings, the fore pair being half membranous. See: bedbug; chigger
2. A colloquial term for a disease-causing germ or microorganism.

assassin bug

Any member of the family Reduviidae. Many are predaceous; others are bloodsucking. Panstrongylus, Triatoma, and Rhodnius are vectors of Chagas disease.
See: conenose; trypanosomiasis

cone-nose bug

, cone-nosed bugConenose.

croton bug

German cockroach.

kissing bug


red bug


red bug

see eutrombiculaalfreddugesi.
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WHEN CATHY GRIFFITH, fourth-grader at Red Bug Elementary School in Seminole County (Fla.
Hopkins with red bug bites over her body, said that Fordham has found Ms.
The origin of the virus was last night unknown, but it was similar to the Code Red bug that struck in 2001.
So who's the boy inside the insect suit with large red bug eyes who turned heads in London this week?
Project Location :SR 436 and Red Bug Lake Road intersection