Mollaret, Pierre

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Pierre, French neurologist, 1898-1987.
Mollaret meningitis - Synonym(s): Mollaret syndrome
Mollaret syndrome - recurrent benign viral infection. Synonym(s): Mollaret meningitis; recurrent meningitis
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8,11 Bowel perforation at a delayed stage after V-P shunt operation is a cause of recurrent meningitis, occurring at an incidence of 43%-48%.
Classification of Ralstonia pickettii biovar 3/'thomasii' strains (Pickett 1994) and of new isolates related to nosocomial recurrent meningitis as Ralstonia mannitolytica sp.
Introduction: In recent years, microorganisms with multiple drug resistance predominate in recurrent meningitis.
Recurrent meningitis as a presenting manifestation of pituitary abscess is rare but has been reported in the literature(4).
8%) of recurrent meningitis, which followed remote accidental head trauma.
Recurrent meningitis and subarachnoid haemorrhage due to Salmonella in an HIV+ patient: Case report and mini-review of the literature.
Invasive infections, recurrent meningitis, excessive episodes of respiratory disease, chronic diarrhea, recurrent urinary tract infections, and recurrent skin and soft tissue infections can indicate immunodeficient disorders, inherited diseases such as cystic fibrosis, or anatomic abnormalities that predispose children to serious infections, she said.
Recurrent meningitis in the adult: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge
2) Cases of CSF otorrhea giving rise to recurrent meningitis have also been described in the literature.
Although patients present with recurrent meningitis, there will be a limited number of inflammatory cells in the cerebrospinal fluid, and this may indicate a less serious course of disease than one might expect.
Some researchers recommend that all children with episodes of recurrent meningitis should be screened for primary immunoglobulin or complement deficiencies.
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