recurrent infection

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re·cur·rent in·fec·tion

(rĕ-kŭrĕnt in-fekshŭn)
Symptomatic reactivation of a latent infection.
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Overall, this study provides further insight and supports the role of echinacea in the RTIs, with data indicating an increased benefit upon long-term echinacea supplementation (2-4 months) as a preventative agent for recurrent infections and complications.
Conclusion: A cranberry preparation with a high phenolic content may completely prevent UTIs in women who are subject to recurrent infections.
Selective deficiency in pneumococcal antibody response in children with recurrent infections.
The characteristic features of the recurrent infections provide critical insights into the most likely site of immune dysfunction, serving as an important guide to direct the laboratory evaluation of immune function.
One study estimated that 5%-10% of the children referred for evaluation of recurrent infection suffer from this syndrome (23).
The presence of tonsillar cysts may ultimately lead to recurrent infection and symptoms of upper airway obstruction, so tonsillectomy should be considered.
Viral cultures are commonly used to diagnose CMV infection but do not distinguish primary from recurrent infection.
Celine, who has already reorganized the show dates for December, January and February, is recuperating from a recurrent infection, a condition which has been further aggravated by inflamed vocal cords.
3 % of cases), followed by otorrhea or recurrent infection (21.
The 12 strains from recurrent infection were analyzed by pulsed-field electrophoresis (PFGE).

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