recurrence rate

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re·cur·rence rate

in genetic counseling, the risk that a future offspring will be affected given some specific set of relatives of whom at least one is already affected.
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Tumor size--determined by pathology report--was also significant in an inverse direction, with the largest tumors (greater than 6 cm) predicting the lowest recurrence rate (17% of 23 women), the smallest ones (2-4 cm) having the highest recurrence (41% of 59), with the medium-sized leiomyomata (4-6 cm) in between (30% of 27).
Women had a significantly greater AF recurrence rate despite their lower prevalence of significant coronary artery disease--22%, compared with 34% in men.
Five studies address whether immobilization helps reduce recurrence rates in first-time dislocators, and if so, whether it is better to immobilize the joint in an external of internal rotation.
Among patients whose margins were not specifically reported free of tumor following local excision, the local recurrence rate was 39% among controls and a still substantial 24% in those who got radiotherapy.
2] The variable recurrence rates might be the result of an incomplete removal of the tumor, partly because of the complex anatomy of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.
Delrome's has higher recurrence rate as compared to Altemeier's anastomotic leak rate and pelvic sepsis.
M2 PHARMA-November 29, 2017-Retrospective Review of Bio-Tissue's Amniograft Shows Recurrence Rate of Only 5.
This recurrence rate was comparable with that in other studies that have reported endoscopic recurrence rates in 54%-75% of patients within 1 year after surgical resection (6).
5 The simple method of Mayo's repair has been commonly performed, but has the significant recurrence rate between 22-40%.
Results: At postoperative 12 months, the subjective recurrence rate (7.
Conclusion: ALA-PDT can treat genital warts safely with high cure rate and low recurrence rate, particularly working for those of males at the urethral orifice.