rectus sheath

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rec·tus sheath

sheath of the rectus abdominis, formed by the aponeuroses of the three anterolateral muscles of the abdominal wall that split to enclose the rectus and fuse medially to form the linea alba; it consists of an anterior lamina and a posterior lamina, the latter being absent below the arcuate line.
See also: aponeurosis of external oblique (muscle), aponeurosis of internal oblique muscle.

rectus sheath

A strong fibrous sleeve in which the rectus abdominis and pyramidalis muscles contract. The sheath is formed from the aponeuroses of the abdominal wall muscles as they meet in the linea alba at the abdominal midline.
See also: sheath


[L.] straight.

rectus abdominis muscle
see Table 13.2.
ocular rectus muscle
see Table 13.1F.
rectus sheath
the sleeve of fascia which surrounds the rectus abdominis muscle and which is derived from the aponeurotic tendons of the other abdominal muscles.
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