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A plural of rectum.

recta, rectal

See rectum.


, pl. rectums, recta (rek'tŭm, -tŭmz, -tă) [TA]
The terminal portion of the digestive tube, extending from the rectosigmoid junction to the anal canal.
[L. rectus, straight, pp. of rego, to make straight]
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Recto said by raising the tax-exempt ceiling, "the 'motive and the temptation' to open boxes sent by ordinary OFWs will be gone.
La frecuencia de FCD fue mayor en el colon distal (Figura 2), seguido por el colon proximal, no encontrandose FCD en el recto.
The latest arrow in Recto Verso's quiver, the free lecture and workshop series runs every Monday at the Robert Mouawad Private Museum in Zuqaq al-Blat, downtown.
Ximenez uses both meanings in his translation, but his choice of meaning is exclusively escribir in the first folio recto and exclusively pintar in the subsequent folia.
It is very difficult to use the information in Sung's book to test one's own conjectures about revisions to the plates: there is no image provided of the hammer and chisel marks on the Chaucer plate, only an extensive, rather vague list of the general areas of the print that correspond to areas of repoussage on the plate verso--indeed, in the entire book there are only three obscure monochrome images of the versos of Blake's Job plates, one image of the recto of a lob plate, an image of a platemaker's mark, three more images of mostly non-Blake works, and diagrams of enigmatic marks on the backs of several of the Job plates.
The MTPDP also gives priority to protecting the poor through a host of social policy measures including shelter, health insurance, low-cost medicines and cash transfers," said Secretary Recto.
My understanding is that they have come to some form of conclusion,' Recto said, adding he was not directly involved in talks with San Miguel.
This octavo consists of 100 recto images, illustrating key events from Ignatius's life, complemented by 100 verso emblems, each of which comments allegorically on the exemplum pictured on the preceding recto.
4 cm; 1/3 of the leaf is cut off) written on recto and verso with intense corrections.
Photographs of the relevant folio 3 recto and verso (the latter labelled incorrectly recto on p.
It is highly significant that readers of books move from recto to verso, that their field of awareness continually shifts from page to 'opening' (i.
Recto Buttiglione was nominated to be EU Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security but had to withdraw his name after comments he had made about gays and marriage became public.