rectal disease

rec·tal dis·ease

proctophobia, rectophobia.
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In this volume are collected texts dealing with renal and rectal disease.
Furthermore, the curriculum in medical schools throughout most of the 19th century had no instruction in rectal disease.
Contiguous lesions are seen in 70% of patients with disease of the colon and nearly 100% of patients with rectal disease, Dr.
All patients received the same treatment with systemic adjuvant chemotherapy using fluorouracil with levamisole or leucovorin and irradiation of any rectal disease.
The award recognizes excellence in communicating a better understanding of colon and rectal disease, and will be presented May 3, 2009 at the organization's Annual Meeting in Hollywood, Fla.
Rutten, the results of this study, which pooled the data from four institutions and more than 600 patients, show the important role that IOERT plays in both local control and in survival for advanced rectal disease.
I believe in treating the whole individual both mind and body with personalized and state of the art care in colon and rectal diseases.
TEM is a minimally invasive technique being used more frequently for treatment of rectal diseases.
For this reason, patients should be evaluated by a physician or specialist in colon and rectal diseases prior to relying on self-treatment.
Charles Hospital,renowned for his advanced skills in minimally invasive surgery procedures for the treatment of colon and rectal diseases, including cancer.
Frank Caliendo, Center for Colon and Rectal Diseases and North Shore-LIJ Health System
For people with gastro-intestinal and rectal diseases, using a bidet can prevent symptoms as well as accelerate the healing process.