rectal alimentation

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rec·tal al·i·men·ta·tion

nourishment provided by retention enemas.

rectal alimentation

Etymology: L, rectus, straight, alimentum, nourishment
the delivery of nourishment in concentrated form by injection or installation through the rectum. Also called rectal feeding.


(al?i-men-ta'shon) [ aliment]
The process of nourishing the body, including mastication, swallowing, digestion, absorption, and assimilation. See: hyperalimentation; total parenteral nutrition

artificial alimentation

Provision of nutrition, usually intravenously or by a tube passed into the gastrointestinal tract of a patient unable to take or utilize normal nourishment.
See: total parenteral nutrition

forced alimentation

1. Feeding a patient unwilling to eat.
2. Forcing a person to eat a greater quantity than desired.

rectal alimentation

Feeding by nutrient enemas.