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A plural of rectum.

recta, rectal

See rectum.


, pl. rectums, recta (rek'tŭm, -tŭmz, -tă) [TA]
The terminal portion of the digestive tube, extending from the rectosigmoid junction to the anal canal.
[L. rectus, straight, pp. of rego, to make straight]
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In this book, which is composed of three parts--De recta nominum impositione, Librum Philonis Judaei de transnominatis annotationes, Librum Philonis Judaei Allegoricae sacrae--Tyard studies the question of naming, so central to the Renaissance: a question that is at the center of the philosophy of language in its relation between the thing (res) and the word (verbum).
Philip Ford's essay, "Justus Lipsius and Sir Philip Sidney," takes pains to explore how Lipsius' De pronunciatione can be seen as a true emulation of Erasmus' De recta latini graecique sermonis pronuntiatione dialogus, incorporating the strengths of the earlier work and at the same time surpassing it.
In contrast, the same handling correlated with nearly one-third less damage to Potentilla recta, or sulfur cinquefoil.